These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

11 professional tools that I can't live daily life behind the chair without.

I am often asked by stylists online and in class what my preferred tools are, and as many stylist would respond, my preferences are all over the board. I AM NOT PARTNERING WITH ANY OF THESE BRANDS OR RECEIVING ANY PAYMENT FOR THIS POST. This is a list of all my favorite tools that I use daily behind the chair and when teaching color and cutting classes! They are in no specific order of most and least important.

#1 Davines Mask With Vibrachrom Color Brushes - Small, Medium & Large

These brushes are lightweight, comfortable on your guests scalp, textured at the ends to allow for easy and beautiful feathering of color (great for balayage!), and the company itself stands for all things good in the world and the beauty industry. These brushes are a game changer!! They come in 3 different sizes, and I use all 3 on nearly a daily basis.

They can be purchased through your local Davines Distributor. If you are in Illinois or Indiana, this is the distributor.

#2 Reynolds 711 Foil

I don't care who you are, this is the best foil in the game guys. The texture is right, the thickness is perfect, you can rip them multiple different ways to get the size and shape you need, and the price is the best part. You get a metric ton of foils in this one box. My preferred way to rip them is "hot dog" style, making a longer and more slender foil. In my opinion, there is no reason to EVER take a section wider than this width of foil, as the round of the hair changes literally every square inch. I've used at least 15 different foil brands, and I always find my way back home to this blue box.

You can purchase here.

#3 Shuhari Pro Tetsu X

I'm sure you're all familiar with Joseph Dimaggio and his line Shuhari Pro. He began studying to become an engineer before becoming a master stylist, and created his own line of professional tools. These round brushes are weight balance perfectly and extremely lightweight making your styling more comfortable on your wrists and fingers. They have electroplated barrels with nylon bristles to help prevent static, and the handles do not EVER snag hair. They're about as perfect as round brushes get.

Purchase a set of 3 here.

#4 Paul Mitchell Express Ion Style

This iron is SO diverse. Each atom in the plates themselves are infused with ions to help prevent static and maintain hair health. It heats to 410 degrees in 60 seconds and has silicone strips on one side of the plates for great tension. When this iron is maintained well, it lasts YEARS. It leaves the hair silky smooth, and the 1 inch width is the perfect size for short and long hair both.

This can be purchased here.

#5 Shuhari Pro Kiba Clip

These. Jaw. Clips. They leave little to no crease in the hair, can handle the MOST amount of hair, and stay put. I have gotten to the point that I can't do a head of hair without using at least one of these clips in some capacity.

These can be purchased here.

#6 Dyson Supersonic Professional Dryer

To be completely honest, I wanted to hate this dryer. What in the actual hell will a vacuum company have to offer this industry by way of hair dryer? In my career I've had roughly 9 hairdryers behind the chair, and nothing compares to this. The way it dries the hair leaves it in the silkiest condition, and my dry time has been cut down so much. I'm a SLOW dryer, and it the biggest thing that hinders my timing behind the chair. Since purchasing this dryer my average color appointment time has decreased by TEN MINUTES.

This can be purchased here.

#7 YS Park Quick Cutting Comb 337

This is my standard cutting comb. I literally do not have another cutting comb in my drawer, I have 8 of these. The quality of the product itself and how it stands up to barbicide and heat both are impressive. They organize the hair beautifully to give you the cleanest cut possible.

These can be purchased here.

#8 Hattori Hanzo 6" Mamba Shears

Hanzo as a company allows you to test drive their shears before investing AND has a zero interest repayment program for up to 12 months. I cannot say enough good things about these shears and this company. They really invest in the hairdresser, and these blades hold a sharp like no other. This specific style of shear is my work horse. I personally have 4 different pairs of Hanzo's, but these get used on every head of hair in some capacity. If you purchase a pair of Hanzo's, make sure to join the stay sharp program. It is $10 per month for shear insurance AND 3 annual sharpenings! My preferred length is 6".

These can be purchased here.