7 Things To Expect From Dreaming In Color

Nearly every time that I have a conversation surrounding my book, Dreaming In Color, I'm met with the response "You wrote a book?!" immediately followed with "What is it about?". To date, my response has always been "an illustrated color theory book for hairdressers", but I don't believe that does it justice. So today's blog post is dedicated to the 9 months spent writing, designing and self publishing this little dream.

#1 An In Depth Refresh On The Color Wheel And It's Purpose

We all learned color theory in school, some of us more than others. What we DIDN'T necessarily learn was exactly what to do with that knowledge. Knowing the color wheel doesn't automatically mean that we feel confident with what to DO with the color wheel. This segment in Dreaming In Color will give you a total recap of what you learned in beauty school as well as add in a few other key things that you probably didn't learn. There is something for everyone in this section!

#2 A Better Understanding Of The Hair Structure

One of the reasons this book is illustrated is to help facilitate learning and retention for the hairdresser!! I go in depth about the structure of the hair strand, how color penetrates the hair strand (and if it does), where it lives, and so much more! There are plenty of images to give the visual artist a better idea of what is taking place during the chemical process.

#3 The Different Varieties Of Hair Color And WHAT They Do

Every hairdresser is familiar with permanent hair color, demi-permanent hair color and bleach, but what do you know about Henna? Semi-permanent color? Ammonia free color? In Dreaming In Color there is an entire segment dedicated to the different variations of hair color, how they work and what you can expect to receive from them.

#4 Proper Color Formulation

One of the primary topics in this book is how to accurately, consistently and precisely formulate hair color for 100% predictable results 100% of the time!! There are pages upon pages that discuss how to get your desired end result predictably and consistently time after time, even on your most difficult guests.

#5 Responsible Color Application

As the current trends stand, a LOT of what we are doing behind the chair is actually corrective color, which is TIME CONSUMING. There are different tips and tricks inside that will help to lend to the health of the finished hair.


THIS IS A BIG ONE, GUYS. Dreaming In Color goes in depth to the breakdown of HOW our eyes see color, WHY our eyes see color this way and so much more to better understand not only hair color, but our guests color vision. This gives us the tools we need to give a more precise color consultation and get the desired end result.

#7 A Workbook!

Perfect practice makes perfect, and this is no exception! There is a workbook included at the end of Dreaming In Color to help give our brains perfect practice. And of course, on theme, it's fully illustrated for the creative mind.

I hope this helps to clear up any questions surrounding my book Dreaming In Color. As always, if you have any questions regarding anything on The Formulation Files, please don't hesitate to reach out!! Happy (behind the chair) hump day!



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