Summertime, And The Trends Are Easy

5 Trends Coming At You Summer 2019

When trends live in this industry for a substantial amount of time, they tend to turn upside down and create a new trend that is completely the opposite. Right now, we have been living in long one length hair, long bobs, lived in outgrown color, and color as cool as it can get. These have taken over the industry for the last 4-ish years, and I feel like the trend is about to take a fast shift.

*Disclaimer, these images are all from google, I did not cut or color any of the hair pictured in this post*

#1 Red Heads

YES. PLEASE! Red heads in all shades, but particularly copper tones. With blue and violet tones having taken over hair color trends for the last 4 years, the opposite is bound to take the lime light. This means red heads and...

#2 Golden Blondes

If the opposite of blue is orange, the opposite of violet is yellow. This means that instead of violet toned ash blondes, we are in for some gorgeous, sunny golden blondes and I CAN'T WAIT! Even, golden tones in blonde hair appear SO healthy, shiny & bright.

#3 Long Shags

Long one length hair has one foot out the door, and long shags have one foot in! If you're following any mainstream hair influencers on Instagram, you'll have seen cuts similar to this starting to show up on their feeds. We all have guests who want a change, but don't want to color their hair or lose any length. This is an excellent solution, and all of those women who have been letting their hair grow and only getting trims every 6-12 months are going to be hopping on it soon!

#4 Above Shoulder Textured Cuts

And all of those women who are completely over their long hair OR their long bobs are going to want a shorter look! Above the shoulder haircuts with tons of texture will be making their way back through the rotation of come back trends, only this time they're going to be even better than before.

#5 Strawberry Blonde

Fitting under the "warm blonde" category, strawberry blonde deserves a category of it's own. With copper tones and golden blondes popping up all over, strawberry blondes are bound to be at the top of the request list. This is the perfect way for already blonde guests to dip their toe into becoming a red head!

With Summer 2019 just around the corner, be on the look out for these trends to start working their way to your chair! I hope this list has given you a little inspiration to start talking to your guests about switching up their hair to stay ahead of the trends!



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