Strawberry Feels Forever

A natural looking red head created in a class environment

As most of you know, I provide brand specific in salon education. I have been an educator for Davines for the last 5 years, beginning on the West Coast in Arizona & California, and continuing in the Midwest upon moving last year. Any other brand specific educators (or really educators in general) know that certain times of year are MUCH busier than others. Right now, I am in the midst of an education overload! I am lucky enough to have a full schedule teaching all over at different salons, and sometimes the models that we do are blog worthy!

This model is a stylist at a salon I had the honor of teaching in, and she wanted something with vibrancy without being much darker. She has dense medium textured hair, and was a great canvas to showcase the color we were working with!

Our starting point had a few different things going on. Her natural regrowth matched up a level 7, followed by a band of colored level 7, with ends varying levels of 8 and 9. She wanted to stay as light as possible while still adding vibrancy to her hair and evening out the line of demarcation.


Knowing that she has cosmetically pigmented hair at a level 7, this means that the lightest we can make her base and mid shaft is a level 7. We decided to make her base warmer and richer and treat her ends as light as we could!

Base Color:

20g 7,32 (level 7 gold with violet)

20g 7,4 (level 7 copper)

60g 10 Volume

Lengths & Ends:

40g 9,04 (level 9 neutral with copper)

5g 7,32 (level 7 gold with violet)

5g 7,4 (level 7 copper)

75g 20 Volume

Processed for 35 minutes

As this particular salon had only been working with our color for 1.5 weeks, I wanted everyone to get hands on and really help them to get familiar with the color and various forms of color application. I begin by dividing her hair down the middle and had 2 stylists simultaneously apply her base touch up beginning from the back and their way forward. This allows all of the hair to lay back and out of the way rather than flopping all over. It keeps the application more tidy and organized!

I then had 2 different stylists pull color through her lengths and ends in the same fashion, again, to keep her application tidy. We really focused on proper saturation, which I feel is definitely represented in the above image!

As we were working entirely with an ammonia based color line, the recommended processing time is 35 minutes. We set a timer and continued on with our class.

Once her processing was complete, we cleansed her with a color protecting shampoo and conditioner, then blow dried her without any product so that the stylists could feel what her hair truly felt like after her color process.

Everyone was so happy with the results! We were able to bring life to this hair, blend out the demarcation, and really give them the knowledge needed to feel confident formulating this line behind the chair!


These pictures speak for themselves! Her hair is full of life! We did NOT cut, we used NO product, and look at how different her hair is! I cannot wait to hear feedback on how they feel about the graceful fade.



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