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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

We show stoppin‘, make sure that brass is poppin’

As most of you know, I work behind the chair as well as teaching in salon education. When teaching, I always ensure to take before and after pictures to showcase the changes created so that they can truly remember our starting place. Sometimes the models turn out so gorgeous that it it worth writing about!

This class was meant to be fully focused on our ammonia based color line. When everything aligns, I always try to use multiple lines to show the variety that we have within the brand that I represent. This class was the perfect example of that!

Her outgrowth was a level 7 with her ends transitioning in to a level 9. She LOVES being red, specifically in the copper family, and wanted something bright and vibrant for the change of seasons!

This was our starting point! Outgrown color with a band where her base color previously was, and dimensional ends varying up to a level 9.

To change her base color and give her vibrancy, ammonia based permanent color was our best option. BUT for her lengths and ends that were already a light palette were perfect for the new liquid demi-permanent line that we just launched.


I decided to touch up her base with ammonia permanent color, and refresh her lengths and ens with liquid demi-permanent color. The processing times are different which makes this a really easy option for beautiful results! Her base was a level 7 to begin with a level 6 band where her previous base was. In this line, when going darker up to 3 levels 10 Volume is the best option.

Base Color:

30g 6,44 (level 6 double copper)

45g 10 Volume Developer

Processed for 35 minutes

End Color:

40g 8,44 (level 8 double copper)

40g 10 Volume Developer

Processed for 20 minutes

I began by applying her base color with full saturation from her base THROUGH the band that existed to give some cohesion and shift the reflection. Once her base was applied (35 minute processing time), I waited a few minutes then pulled through the color for her lengths and ends. With a 20 minute processing time, it usually lines up perfectly to when the base color is finished processing which allows everything to be rinsed at the same time!


6,44 and 8,44 are the colors with the highest concentration of copper, which is exactly what we were going for! By using a liquid demi-permanent color line on her already light ends, I knew that we would get great vibrancy without taking her much darker. Demi-permanent color will ALWAYS be more sheer than permanent color which means that the lighter the starting palette, the more true reflection of the undertones you will see.

Once her processing time was complete, I cleansed her twice with a color protecting and shine enhancing shampoo, and conditioned with the same.

I chose to blow her out without any product to showcase what the color itself leaves the hair feeling like (something I really enjoy doing in brand specific classes!) and her hair was SHINY as they come. We were all THRILLED with these results and she couldn't stop whipping her hair back and forth!


THIS HAIR IS VIBRANT! Our model was thrilled, the students were thrilled, and I was just living for this color!! Her hair was soft and silky, and everyone felt more confident in their color knowledge when we were done!

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