She's My Cherry Pie

The transformation from muted brunette to vibrant violet red

Normally during summer months, everyone comes in with the intention of going lighter. Being located in the Midwest, we haven't had much of a summer. It has been mostly overcast, low 70's and flooded to high heavens. This is my third head in the past week that has wanted to go red, but she is the most special.

This sweet woman was ready for a CHANGE! She wanted vibrancy, she wanted violet, and she wanted RED. We knew that we would be cutting something asymmetrical and sassy, so we decided to base our color placement off of the cut sectioning.

Her starting palette had roughly 3/4 inch of natural level 5 regrowth with next to no grey, and her lengths and ends varied between levels 6-8 on her lightest pieces. She always starts off as red and fades quite a bit between appointments, regardless of coming in every 6-8 weeks. As this was our first time working together, I knew that my color was already going to offer her so much by way of longevity and vibrancy, and wanted to ensure that she got the MOST life from this color!


With our starting canvas already being dimensional, I chose to utilize a block color application to give her the color that we wanted! With our end goal being an a-symmetrical triangular haircut, I chose to utilize her cutting sectioning for her color placement, with a slightly deeper base color through where her red would be. SO below is a chart of her sectioning complete with a color by number hair color placement!

Formula 1:

30g 5,56 (level 5 mahogany red)

45g 10 Volume

Formula 2:

10g 5,56 (level 5 mahogany red)

20g 6,62 (level 6 red violet)

45g 20 Volume

Processed for 35 minutes

Formula 3:

8g 4,22 (level 4 double violet)

16g 6,22 (level 6 double violet)

36g 20 Volume

Processed for 35 minutes

The idea was to create both mahogany and violet tones in her hair while being able to see the two different colors. With colors so close in level and color families, it can be hard to differentiate between the tones and truly see everything going on! We decided that the result we wanted was going to be separate but blended, and this is how we would achieve it!

I began by applying formula 3 from base to ends in our lower sectioning to create depth and a reflective violet tone. Once her underneath was applied, I applied formula one to her regrowth through the top sectioning. I chose to utilize a level 5 with 10 volume as we were not combating grey hair, and I wanted to create a natural depth that would blend beautifully into her vibrant ends. This would help to keep her color from looking to "fake". Once her base was applied, I pulled formula 2 through her lengths and ends ensuring full saturation. Once everything was applied, I allowed her to process for 35 minutes (the recommended processing time) then cleansed with a color protecting shampoo and conditioner.

We cut her hair in an asymmetrical triangular graduation for something fun and fresh, and followed our color pattern in doing so!

I blew her out with as much volume a possible with a blow dry primer, root boosting spray, and volume boosting mousse. Once she was dry, we curled with a 3/4 inch iron and finished with a dry texturizing spray and a strong hold hairspray. THIS TRANSFORMATION GUYS!


THIS WOMAN. THIS HAIR. We had SO much fun at this appointment, and were so thrilled with the end result! She went from an every day shampoo-er, to an every other day shampoo-er who LOVES her hair!! I couldn't have been any happier with our finished product.



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