Pretty In Pink

A banded blonde turned blush beauty

'Tis the season for all of our college students to get complete overhauls of their long overdue hair color! This gem is a swimmer, and we see each other every few months at most. Today was a particularly challenging application for us. For reference, this was the last time we colored her hair. Just wait until you see what we did today!

She is a natural level 5 with a band of level 8 gold, another of level 10 platinum, and her ends a combination of level 10 blonde and faded level 9 lowlights.

We've been trying to coordinate schedules for the last 2 months and had kept missing each other. In a moment of desperation, she colored her own roots to lift them blonder and this is where she ended up! To be completely honest, I was shocked that her hair wasn't in worse condition. Regardless, this still constituted a color correction due to the banding and multiple applications required to get her where we wanted.


I started by applying a lightener retouch on her first band. With this band being the darkest (even thought it was virgin), it was going to need the most time to process. Once her first band was applied, I applied a second formula to her brassy band taking care not to overlap into her most blonde color.

Lightener Formula:

Natural Base: 20 Volume powdered lightener

Gold Band: 10 Volume powdered lightener

Both formulas mixed 1:1.5


40g 10,0 (level 10 natural / neutral)

10g 10,21 (level 10 violet with blue)

100g 5 Volume

Processed for 15 minutes

After applying her base lightener formula, I allowed it to process until it was about 75% of the way complete. I then went through and applied the second lightener formula through her gold band. Once both were applied, her color processed for 15 minutes before being rinsed.

Once she was done processing, we cleansed twice to remove all of the lightener from her hair. I applied her toner to her freshly lightened base and let it process for 15 minutes.

Our next step was to create her pink, and we decided to use the newest vivid colored conditioners to create her pink! This would allow her to keep up her color at home with ease. We applied the colored conditioner from base to ends and allowed it to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing. I styled her smooth with a nutrient dense oil, a hydrating mousse, and finished her with a lightweight serum. The end result was so fun!!



We were so happy with our outcome! Nothing is quite as satisfying as evening out banding, and giving someone the hair they wanted!

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What I Used:

Davines Mask With Vibrachrom Lightener and Permanent Color, Alchemic Pink Conditioner & Styling Products

Dyson Blow Dryer



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