On Neutral Ground

Toning a VIRGIN BLONDE to control warmth while maintaining natural placement

The first time I touched this head of hair, it was for a haircut and deep conditioning treatment. Her hair was a combination of levels 8-10 with a strong golden cast to it, and I kept thinking to myself "there's no way this girl has virgin hair this blonde". I was wrong. Of course, being a colorist to my core, I talked to her about various options on what we could do with her hair color, and let her know that if she ever felt the urge to call me. I GOT THE CALL GUYS.

Goldie Locks has NEVER colored her hair in her life. She's ready for a change (but nothing too crazy), and wanted to see what life was like a little cooler.

With a gorgeous head of hair like this to start with, you can instantly look at it and know that there is no way you're touching it with permanent color or bleach. I mean, come on. The possibilities are endless WITHOUT either of those tools. I knew that all I wanted to do was cool her down a little to give her a soft change. To me, this screamed liquid demi!

Her ends matched up perfectly to a level 9 gold swatch, and I wanted them to reflect more like a 9 neutral.


This process is about as simple as it gets. With a processing time of 20 minutes, and a really quick application time due to consistency, this color took 35 minutes from the time that I started applying to the time it was ready to be washed out. Who can't get on board with that?! I chose to apply this liquid demi to her dry hair for longevity purposes, and formulated as follows.

Liquid Demi-Permanant:

30g 9,22 (level 9 double violet)

10g 9,0 (level 9 neutral)

20g Gloss (clear)

60g 10 Volume

Processed for 15 minutes on dry hair

I chose this formulation for a multitude of reasons. The color line I work with doesn't have a 9,2 (level 9 single violet) and our desired end result wasn't to be cool, just to be cooler than she currently was. So I diluted the 9,22 with a little 9,0 (level 9 neutral) to cut the concentration of violet. I then added gloss (clear) to dilute my formulation to a level 10. The goal wasn't to darken her, just to offer some control.

Once she was done processing, I cleansed her twice with a color protecting shampoo and conditioned with the same. I gave her a healthy textured cut to allow for body and movement while addressing tired ends, and blew her out with volume. We were thrilled with our results!! The color was enough of a change that she was thrilled to have something new, while still having it feel familiar and look like virgin placement...because it was. This hair was the perfect example of not going overboard just because someone has virgin hair. What we ended up with was something that completely fits her lifestyle as a nursing student, and gently introduces her to the world of color without intense and immediate commitment.


She LOVES her new color! It feels more controlled, her blondest pieces feel brighter, and she got to renovate her color without ruining her virgin hair. I couldn't be more thrilled!



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