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Who is writing this thing anyway?!

Some of you know me in real life, some have conversed with me through social media, and some of you do not know me at all. While there is always a short bio available on this site, I think it is always important to have a personal connection to the people you allow in to your life! The Formulation Files may be a weekly staple for you or an occasional drive by, but either way you allow my voice in this industry into your life and I am so grateful for it. I think it is about time that you get to know more about the real Willow! Cominciamo!

I am a second generation hairdresser with 10 years of behind the chair experience!

My mother has been working behind the chair for over 25 years, so naturally I was exposed to the beauty industry at a young age. I grew up with this romanticized idea of what it meant to be a hairdresser, and reaped all of the benefits of having a mother who did just that! Before I stepped foot in a cosmetology school I already had a giant network just through my mom, as well as a good grasp of what excellent customer service meant.

I always knew that I wanted this career!

When I was 3, my mom walked into my bedroom to find me braiding my barbies hair. When she asked where I learned to do that, I responded with "I just figured it out!". There were a few spans of time where I thought maybe I wanted to do something else when I grew up, but hair was always the steady heartbeat in my career goals. After a short stint of wanting to be a marine biologist (what 12 year old girl didn't?), and an even shorter stint of wanting to be an orthodontist (it turns out other peoples mouths are gross), I stuck with hair.

I have three sisters!

I have one biological sister and two step sisters who are all equally amazing. One is an extremely talented hairdresser, one is a third grade teacher, and the other is in her sophomore year of college for early elementary education.

I have one son and one dog!

I have a 16 month old son and a 5.5 year old dog who is named after George Harrison. My son is my biggest motivation in life, and the most fun human I know. We love to play, eat snacks, watch for birds, wave to animals and cuddle. His favorite movie is Coco, and he has yet to come across a dog he doesn't love. George is a Weimaraner mix with more energy than anything I have ever seen. He is a sweet boy, loves children and often breaks things because he is unaware of his size. I'm still waiting for him to calm down with age. A girl can dream, right??

I wrote Dreaming In Color while pumping!

Dreaming In Color was an aspiration that I had before having my son, but it really became important near the end of my pregnancy. I knew that I wanted to continue educating, and that I wanted nothing more than to grow my educational base and eventually have that become my full time work. In order to do that with a newborn, I needed something that could carry my work to places that I couldn't physically go for some time. Anyone who is a mom knows that having a newborn is all consuming. They rely on you 100% to keep them alive, happy and safe. The only down time I had in the first year of his life was while he was sleeping (a rarity) and I was pumping, or while I was pumping between guests at the salon. Dreaming In Color was written entirely during my pump time! So really, you guys can thank breastfeeding for this book haha!

I am learning to speak Italian!

One of my life goals has been to become fluent in another language. With so much time spent on the road traveling to salons all over the state to educate, I finally found a language podcast that I LOVE and am truly learning from! Coffee Break Italian is teaching me conversational Italian at a much faster rate than I thought possible! I'm hoping to be fluent over the next year and be able to teach my son as he is learning to speak. If you are learning Italian as well, please message me in Italian so we can practice our writing!

I love The Beatles!

I have been a huge lover of The Beatles for a long time, with George Harrison being my favorite! I even have a portrait of George Harrison on my forearm. My favorite Beatles song is I've got a feeling, and my favorite George Harrison song is Isn't It A Pity. If you're a Beatles fan as well, be sure to check out Concert For George. It is my favorite movie, and I have watched it at least weekly for over 8 years.

My favorite animal is a Manatee!

There is literally nothing more cute than a manatee just floating along in open water. They're such gentle giants, and are not shy in the slightest! About 7 years ago I spent some time in Belize with an organization called Wild Tracks Belize that helps rehabilitate injured and orphaned manatees and primates and release them back into the wild. While I was there, we had three manatees ranging in age from 1 year old to fully grown. It was such a humbling experience!

And last but not least, my personal color formula is...

Base Color:

20g 5,61 (level 5 red with blue)

10g 5,56 (level 5 red violet with red)

45g 10 volume

Processed 35 minutes

Lengths & Ends (liquid semi-permanent):

50g Mahogany (red violet)

Processed for 20 minutes

My ends are pre-lightened with flamboyage mesche every 5-6 months to keep some dimension through my hair and allow pieces to grab more of a dark pink color in comparison to the red violet that the rest of my hair grabs! I touch up my hair every 6-8 weeks and embrace the fade in between.

As always, please reach out with any questions and comments you may have! I hope that this has given you a little insight to who the woman that writes this blog is!



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