Let me get that (n)Ombre : Part 3

The finale of a compilation of a multi toned banded palette's journey to a high contrast ombre

Friends, we made it. Today, I bring you "Let me get that n(Ombre) : Part 3" of 3. It's been a fun journey with you, and I'm sad that the end is here.

BACK AT IT AGAIN. Here we are in round 3 out of 3 ready to give Rapunzel the hair of her dreams. Lets do this.

Just as a refresh, here is Rapunzel's hair before I touched it. This is day one, "hello I am Rapunzel, nice to meet you" hair. Next to it is where we left off last time after round 2.


Thrilled with where we left off last time, I had another 12 weeks to prepare and rainman this formula and application process for her long luscious hair.

TODAY IS THE DAY. It's the day with the easiest application, and the day that we finally get the finished result we have been working so hard to reach.

I'm going to touch up her base, drag her root down even farther than last time to really create some drama in the contrast of colors, foil her hairline to keep a soft and bright natural halo, and foilyage some pieces to ensure it stays nice and blended.

Once it has finished processing, I'm going to tone her hair to a gorgeous neutral, and style. Thats it. That is all we are going to do to achieve the hair of her dreams!

Base Color (applied base to 4 inches down :

20g 5,1 (level 5 blue based ash)

20g 671 (level 6 beige with blue based ash)

60g 10 volume

Foilyage Formula:

15g violet based lightener

30g 20 volume

I began by applying her base color and dragging it down roughly 4 inches from her scalp, carefully leaving out her hairline. Once I had her base color applied and elongated in the halo placement that I wanted (higher in the front, lower in the back), I highlighted around her hairline and applied my foilyage in a horizontal pattern. The idea was just to lend a little softness and blend between light and dark, and it worked.

Once all was applied, we processed for 35 minutes and then followed up with one toner applied at the shampoo bowl to damp (towel dried) hair and processed for a full 20 minutes.


No. 9 semi permanent liquid color (level 9 neutral / natural)

Pearl semi permanent liquid color (level-less mother of pearl type violet)

Once her toner was complete, She. Looked. Stunning. Like... if I could whistle through the computer, I would be whistling. I chose to use a semi permanent liquid color due to the porosity of her hair. We had not cut her hair since our first appointment, which at this point was 6 months ago and Rapunzel had NO interest in another trim. Due to the general length and 3 full processes in her hair, I felt that using a liquid semi was the best option because of the high conditioning effects and intense shine that it offers, and we were NOT dissapointed!


THIS IS PINTEREST HAIR, Y'ALL. Dear LAWD did we work for it, but that image on the right?? Smokin' hot babe hair. This is one of those heads that no matter how much time passes, you see the pictures and still think "hot DAMN that is good hair." I will forever remember this transformation fondly, and am SO thankful that Rapunzel trusted me to give her exactly what she wanted, albeit over the course of six months





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