Lavender Is The New Black

From very outgrown balayage to refreshingly lavender

This gorgeous head of Rapunzel hair is back again for another new look, and I couldn't be more excited!

Rapunzel loves to switch it up, but we only see each other every three months. With that much time between appointments, her hair always fades, and it always fades WARM. We all know that cool tones don't last long, so we have been discussing the route of a violet tone for a couple appointments. Last time we dipped our toe in a pale dusty violet and were happy with how it faded in comparison to previous toners, but this time we wanted something stronger.

It's been nearly 9 months since our last balayage application, and her high contrast has grown out to become more dark than her initial color pattern. We are scheduled to move up her color at her next appointment, so this application was a simple base touch up and pull through.

I personally prefer to pull up the blonde every other appointment, but Rapunzel has really been embracing the long rooted look. She had a solid 2 inches of regrowth living at a level 6 with a good 7 inches of cosmetically pigmented level 5. Her ends were a blend of levels 9 & 10, and have only had demi permanant color on them the past 4 color applications. Due to such a long time in between appointments, she always warms up significantly. Last time we played with adding in violet tones, but stayed safe and kept it pretty pastel. This time, we were READY.


This process was SO easy! I started by touching up her base with an ammonia based permanent color, and pulling a liquid demi permanent color through her lengths and ends. THATS IT! You can see the most soul satisfying video of her processing hair here.

Base Color:

20g 6,71 (level 6 beige with blue)

20g 4,22 (level 4 double violet)

60g 10 volume

processed for 35 minutes

End Pull Through:

30g 9,22 (level 9 double violet)

30g Amethyst (level-less deep violet)

10g 8,23 (level 8 violet with gold)

10g Quartz (level-less pale rosey violet)

80g 10 volume

processed for 20 minutes

This application was so simple, but SO impactful. I began by applying her base, as it had a longer processing time than the end color. Once her base color was applied, I pulled the demi permanent color through her lengths and ends making sure to achieve FULL saturation. In this scenario, you would much rather over saturate than try to stretch your color. After she was applied from base to ends, I allowed the color to process for 20 minutes before cleansing and conditioning her with a smoothing family. I cut two inches off of her hair in a rounded shape, then blew her out smooth to see what blend we had achieved! We were both going crazy for this grape bubble gum hair color!


This doesn't even look like the same head of hair! I can't wait to see what the fade on this hair looks like three months from now. Follow @theformulationfiles on Instagram to stay up to date on daily happenings and behind the chair videos, and leave a comment below with content that you want to see featured on The Formulation Files!



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