It's A Nice Day For A Copper Wedding

Fresh copper block color for the soon to be bride

This amazing red head has been coming to me for the better part of a year now, and every time it is SUCH a satisfying red! We always change it up and go with a different variation of copper. She is naturally a red head (more in the strawberry blonde family with some stronger copper tones) and I cannot imagine her any other color!

When I first started doing this copper beauties hair, she had some fairly heavy banding from formerly grown out color. She is naturally a level 7 with a fair amount of level 8 sprinkled throughout. Her band was a level 5 with everything surrounding it living at levels 6 and 7. We had a couple options including color correcting, and we decided that the 1 level difference wouldn't bother us enough to justify the time and expense it would take to get us to a brighter level 6. We chose to move forward by doing a full color application with permanent color and allow that band to fade naturally!

With that in mind, her band has lightened considerably but still has a different visual reflection than the rest of her hair, which you may see in her end pictures. Remember that we chose to live with this, and that this is real life behind the chair hair, with real life behind the chair challenges. Not every head will be a color correction, nor will every guest be interested in sitting in your chair the length of time it will take to correct a slight problem!

My copper queen usually goes 12 weeks between appointments, so she was VERY faded this time! This appointment is ONE WEEK to the day before her wedding (I also cut her grooms hair later this day) and she wanted VIBRANCY. I'm talking ALL the Pinterest boho Western bride copper!

Her starting palette is definitely still red, but not the show stopper we like to have! Her natural base is a level 7, followed by a band of previously colored red that has faded to a level 7, followed by her band (talked about earlier in the post) that has now faded to a level 6, and her ends that are a level 7! Overall, our starting point is a level 7 with a band of level 6. Because of the density of this hair, I always choose to cut first. This allows me to remove some length and bulk before applying our color, which saves time and product!


We. Wanted. VIBRANCY! Her wedding (and pictures) are taking place in the Grand Teton Mountains, and I cant think of anything more gorgeous than the perfect red hair in front of that mountain landscape! Today, we decided on some block color with bold placement and soft formulation to give her red hair some visual movement!

Base Color:

30g 6,44 (level 6 double copper)

10g 5NW (level 5 natural warm)

60g 10 Volume

Block Color Underneath:

26g 6,46 (level 6 copper with red)

39g 20 Volume

Processed for 35 minutes

Block Color Top:

30g 6,44 (level 6 double copper)

45g 20 volume

I began by applying her base color, then sectioning out her hair into our block coloring sections. We chose to part temple to temple with a deep zig zag pattern to give the sections beautiful blend without having our underneath formula overtake her hair!

I then applied her underneath formula through her lengths and ends being very conscious of saturation, as her hair is DENSE. Like, enough hair for 3 people dense. It's easy to try to make the color stretch on hair like this, but I really encourage you to take your time and get proper saturation by taking sections as small as you need to! This color application takes me close to an hour every time due to the sheer volume of hair that we are working with, but it is perfect each time.

Since we were working entirely with our ammonia based permanent color line, the processing time is 35 minutes. As this color is not progressive at all, I felt comfortable leaving her color for 35 minutes from the end of my application knowing that I would receive the most vibrancy with this timing. If I were working with a color line that I know to go dark with more time, I wouldn't allow the color to process as long.

Once her processing time was up, I cleansed and conditioned her with a smoothing family. Since we cut her dry before her color service, all we had to do was style! I used a leave in conditioner for softness and color protection, a nutrient dense oil for shine and a blow dry primer to help speed up our blow dry and protect against humidity.

And here we are!! You can see the subtle pops of the more vibrant copper peaking out from underneath! This soon to be bride was just giddy over the perfect hair color for her Western wedding in the mountains!


Completely rich, refreshed, reflective and so perfect against the backdrop of the Grand Teton mountains in a flowy white dress. Congratulations to this gorgeous bride on her wedding this week, and this hair that she gets to keep in those photos forever!



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