I Said HEY, Whats Goin' Blonde: Part 2

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The journey from overgrown and unsure, to BLONDE AF.

You guys remember Blondie from a few posts ago, right? Well, she's back again! We were head over heels for our results from round one, and knew going into our first appointment that it would take multiple processes to get her blonde just right. With our first process complete and a KILLER starting canvas, today appointment was much easier than last time!

Initially, Blondie wasn't sure just what she wanted with her haircolor so she spent months going without until she finally came to a decision. As much as she loves platinum blonde, the upkeep is too much of a commitment for her, so we decided on a fill head of babylights and balayage. This allowed us to give her the brightest blonde possible while still respecting her lifestyle! Here is where we left off last time:


The last time we colored, we applied a FULL babylight (or 1,000 foils) and toned. This time, our game plan was to touch up her face framing babylights in a headband pattern along her hairline, and balayage throughout the rest to brighten up her hair even more than before! The end goal was a winter white blonde, and we were already almost there.

For this application, I applied babylights along her hairline three foils deep in the same pattern as our last appointment. From there, I applied a full balayage using thin sections and full saturation. I chose this method over my usually favored surface painting due to the length of her hair. Without much surface area to work with, I found painting her hair on a supportive surface to be a much faster and more effective way to apply the clay lightener. I painted everything in horizontal sections and brick layered my pattern. This application from start to finish took 35 minutes! During this time, I remixed once to ensure that my bleach was always fresh and active to ensure even lift throughout.

Babylight Formula :

8g violet based lightener

16g 20 volume

Balayage Formula:

20g clay based lightener

40g 20 volume

I applied her foils first, then began her balayage in the back. Once all lightener was applied, we processed for 30 minutes, then cleansed with a protein shampoo for bleached hair twice. Always cleanse twice after a lightening service, friends! You want to ensure the removal of any bleach residue so that we are leaving the hair in the best possible condition. After shampooing, we toned her hair for a total of 10 minutes to get her as icy as we could.


40g 10,21 (level 10 violet blue)

4g 0,12 (blue violet intensifier)

80g 5 volume

I applied her toner on damp hair from base through midshaft careful to leave out her ends that had a slightly higher porosity. I allowed the hair to process for 6 minutes, then pulled the toner through her ends and processed for another 4. Once our process was done, I shampooed and conditioned with the same protein shampoo for bleached hair. Before styling, I prepped the hair with a restorative leave in conditioner, a hydrating oil and an amino acid building foam. We blew her out with volume, curled, and I think we can say winter white was accomplished! This hair. My god.


If Blondie wasn't a goddess before, she sure as hell is now. This guest is in every way the perfect canvas for this hair. She took home all of my recommendations for upkeep at home to ensure hair health after the two hefty services needed to make her this ice queen dimensional blonde. We were able to create a happy medium together that wasn't a full bleach blonde with the high maintenance color schedule that comes along, but still ticked all of the boxes. This is a beautiful example of a consultation gone right. Because Blondie has FOUR different shampoos and 2 different conditioners at home, a leave in conditioner, and an amino acid building hair foam, her hair is just as soft and shiny as if we hadn't colored it. I COULD STARE AT THIS ALL DAY.



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