Give Me More Demi (And None For Demi Moore)

An overly light head of hair turned dimension and depth with only a liquid demi color.

Sometimes the easy transformations are the most soul satisfying. Behind the chair, I specialize in color corrections & blondes. We ALL know that both of those services are time consuming and very detailed. SOMETIMES, I just want a touch up. Or a pull through. Or a trim & tone. So when this new guest was in my books for dimensional color, I was fully prepared for a head full of foils and was DELIGHTED when during our consultation we decided on an all over demi-permanent color in multiple tones.


This guest was brand new to the salon, and to my chair. She hadn't had her hair colored in FIVE MONTHS. Using my 9 staple consultation questions, we concluded that she prefers to see controlled warm tones (LOVING THIS NEW TREND), depth at her base, and LOTS of dimension. She has a crazy busy job and two little ones at home that don't allow her to take much time for herself by way of hair.

We struggled deciding between demi-permanent and permanent color because she goes so long in between appointments. On one hand, demi-permanent grows in SO much more gracefully, but permanent color lasts longer. We ultimately decided on demi-permanent because we were going darker and wanted to try it out, and also see how the grow out process went! Below was our starting point.


Her hair was MUCH lighter than either of us wanted to see, and she wanted to warm it up and add more depth. We decided on creating depth at her base, utilizing her existing blonde (just changing the tone), and adding more dark through the lengths and ends. Her natural base matched up to a level 6, and her ends matched up to variations of 9 & 10.

Base Color (liquid demi) :

40g 6,14 (level 6 blue based ash with copper)

40g 10 volume

Blonde Formula 1:

25g 9,3 (level 9 gold)

25g 10 volume

Blonde Formula 2:

25g 9,32 (level 9 gold with violet)

25g 10 volume

We began by applying her base color and dragging it down roughly 3 inches to give some depth at her base. Once her base color was applied, we then sectioned her hair off ABOVE her occiptal, and down the center. Beginning in the back at her crown, I took diagonal back slices 1.5 inches apart, changing to 1 inch apart in front of her ear. I blended the line between the two demi-permanent formulas to allow for a great blend and keep the depth at her root.

Once her foils were applied, I pulled her base formula through her lengths and ends of everything left out of the foils. We processed for 20 minutes (the maximum recommended processing time) and shampooed and conditioned with a color protecting line. We used a nutrient dense oil and blew her out nice and smooth. THIS HAIR.


We were both SO happy and so in love with this hair!! Her hair was healthy, shiny and dimensional, and she rescheduled for THREE months instead of five!! I would call this a win.



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