Come On (Babylight) My Fire

The gentle overall update of hair belonging to a beautiful soul

Sometimes in this industry, the work we do has much less to do with the actual hair than it does with the company. We've all heard that long standing industry joke that we're "hairapists", and while it's a funny play on words, it rings pretty true for most of our jobs. This sweet woman came to me in need of exactly that. She needed someone to listen, to pamper her and to make her feel like SHE was the only important thing, even if only for a short time. I had the absolute pleasure of checking all of these boxes during our appointment.

This amazingly strong woman is the rock of her family. She has a LOT on her plate and hasn't had as much time for self care as she wants and deserves. Today was 100% about making her feel beautiful and giving her the hair of her dreams!

It had been five months since her last hair appointment and she was feeling very overgrown and blah. When I asked her what her ideal hair looked like, guys I swear she honest to goodness DID. NOT. CARE. She wanted shorter, she wanted fresh, and she wanted low maintenance. Those were literally all of my guidelines. She was here for the experience, the hair was a happy side effect.


With her soft natural texture and density in mind, I knew that shorter would be more flattering and give the appearance of more fullness. I also knew that with shorter hair, it wouldn't become as unruly or lifeless as quickly if she had some space in between appointments, which was highly likely. So we began by doing a quick chop to get rid of some length to make the coloring process a little easier!

Base Color (Liquid Dem-Permanant):

12g 6,14 (level 6 blue based ash with copper)

8g 7,0 (level 7 neutral)

30g 10 Volume


10g violet based lightening powder

10g oil based lightener

20g 20 Volume

Processed for 20 minutes


10g 9,0 (level 9 neutral)

10g Gloss (clear)

20g 10 Volume

Processed for 10 minutes

I started by applying a liquid demi-permanent color to her base to give her hair a little depth and a fresh, rich reflection. Once her base was applied, I added her partial foil to give her soft dimension and make her hair look shiny and new. I chose to utilize a fine diagonal weave for the most blended appearance as the goal wasn't to make her BLONDE, just to give her hair a face lift, and keep maintenance to a minimum.

I applied her foils in a diagonal back pattern following her hairline through the sides, applied roughly 4 horizontal foils underneath her crown, and diagonal back following her hairline over her part. Once all foils were applied (maybe 20 foils total), we allowed her hair to process for 20 minutes then cleansed with a delicate shampoo to prepare the hair for the toner.

After cleansing twice to remove all bleach residue, I applied her toner to towel dried hair and allowed it to process for 10 minutes. Her hair lifted to a pale yellow level 10, and rather than getting rid of her warmth completely, I really wanted to get a little control without making her too neutral or cool. After 10 minutes, I cleansed and conditioned her with a lightly hydrating family, prepped her hair with a pH balancing mist, a lightweight shine enhancing product and a volume boosting mousse. Once she was dried with body, I curled her with a 1 1/4 inch marcel iron and finished with a dry texturizing spray.

The look on her face when she finally saw herself with her new hair was soul satisfying. Not only was I able to give her a few hours of pampering and take away the opportunity for her to go running to responsibilities, I was able to give her hair that would have her confidence booming for weeks, possibly months to come. THESE are the appointments that really matter. Being able to give people a reprieve from unrelinquished stress is a true blessing, and I am so grateful to have been her stylist this day.


This is not an 8 hour $1,200 color correction. This is a real woman with realistic expectations and a new head of hair. This is the satisfaction of a job well done. This is a reminder to always pamper my guests, because I won't always be so lucky to have them open up to me and bare their souls the way she did. Be the absolute best at all of it, guys. The hair, the experience and the human connection.



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