Bright Haired & Bushy Tailed

From blonde-ish to bright and blended

You know that feeling of pride you get when your guest is just fan girling over their own finished hair? That is exactly the feeling I had watching this soon to be mama run her fingers through fresh color. This is the last time I will see her before the babe is here, and we couldn't be happier with the finished outcome!

A natural level 6 with existing pre-lightened lengths and ends, this soon to be mama bear was looking for a total refresh. She wanted to be believably blonder, and was looking for an overall upgrade on her hair!

It had been roughly 12 weeks since our first time working together, and we both decided that we wanted to adjust the finished look! With this amazing pregnancy hair, and a big life change on deck, we wanted something impactful that would last her another few months.


Despite her ends appearing light in this before picture, she was primarily darker throughout. At our last appointment, we applied her highlights in a veiled placement to overlay the darker parts of her hair for minimum color with maximum impact. For this appointment, I knew we were getting in there and breaking up EVERYTHING. She prefers something that grows out with grace, which to me shouts "rooted blonde". Because her natural keratin is fairly strong, and because I know that there are pregnancy hormones present in her hair, I chose to utilize a teasy light in place of balayage. The foil incubates heat for a beautifully even lift, and gives a very bright blonde on the proper canvases. Before touching her color, we began with her full haircut on dry hair to create the proper shape and finish!

Teasy Light:

60g violet powdered lightener

90g 30 volume

Processed for 20 minutes

Toner (liquid demi-permanent):

35g Gloss (clear)

35g 9,78 (level 9 beige with green)

70g 10 volume

Processed for 20 minutes

Because of the strength of her natural canvas, I chose to work with 30 volume lightener in a 1:1.5 ratio. Utilizing a thicker lightener (still operating inside of manufacturers instructions) along with a foil allows the hair to lift brighter, and more even. The full application of teasy lights from nape to hairline took under 45 minutes!

I applied her back two quadrants in 1.5 inch diagonal back sections using teasing to soften the line of demarcation, as well as feathering the lightener up the hair strand. Saturation is KEY when going light to ensure that her hair achieved an even lift. Once I reached her front two quadrants, I sectioned out her mowhawk to foil last, and focused on the sides. These were applied by placing two babylights directly on her hairline, follow by taking the remaining section in 1 inch horizontal sections, still using a tease and back feathering to soften the line of demarcation. When I reached the previously sectioned mowhawk, I popped in two babylights on either side of her hairline to give her a soft pop of face framing color. I then used a horizontally placed foil with teasing at the base to achieve a blended, rooted, vertical highlight. This gave us defined, but blended pieces of blonde color throughout the top of her hair.

Once all was applied, she processed for 20 minutes. I then pulled her foils and cleansed twice with a beautifying / softening shampoo to remove the lightener and tease. We towel dried and applied her toner from base to ends, allowing for the 20 minute maximum processing time. We cleansed and conditioned with the beautifying / softening line, then finished with a detangling leave in conditioner, a nutrient dense oil, and a heat activated amino acid bonding foam.



The soft, controlled tousle and overall head turning color of this hair gave us life! I could just stare at her all day!

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What I Used:

Davines Progress Powdered Lightener, View Liquid Demi-Permanent Color & Products

Dyson Blow Dryer

Framar Foils

Shuhari Pro Round Brush

YS Park Clips

Shears Hattori Hanzo 6" HHV Mamba , 6" HH1 Kamikaze & HHVT2 Mamba Texturizer



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