A Second Coat Of Paint(ing)

The second balayage process on previously virgin hair

One of my favorite moments is when a guest shows me hair inspiration that is truly realistic. It can be achieved in one session, it will look good on their skin tone / face shape, and it won't compromise the integrity of their hair. This hair is very much an example of that exact scenario.

Today is the second time that I have had the opportunity to color this amazing hair. The first time IT WAS VIRGIN. We eased into the world of hair color with a very soft balayage to allow her to dip her toe in and see if this is something she likes. It turns out, she loves color!

This beauty showed me a picture of a gorgeous golden balayage with bright pops of color throughout. I absolutely loved it and agreed that this is the route we should go. The below pictures are our starting point.

It had been roughly four months since the last time that we had balayaged her, and she needed a good haircut as well. Outside of needing a regular maintenance haircut, her hair was in really wonderful condition. She uses all professional products purchased at my salon that I've recommended specifically for her hair at home, and I'm telling you guys; it shows. With balayage I tend to cut the hair before beginning the process so that I do not end up cutting any of the color out. I want her ends to stay as bright as possible, so I trimmed her length and interior first.


Normally this is where I would tell you about my technique and approach. One of my very best friends and former co-worker in the education world has recently launched her online color placement and technique education, and I utilize her balayage technique behind the chair ALL THE TIME. I absolutely love it and highly recommend spending 42 minutes (in your underwear with a glass of wine or otherwise) watching this woman work. SO, the technique that I used on this head can be found right here.

Starting level: 5 (Level 5 Natural Warm)

Desired Balayage Color: Level 9/10 Controlled Gold


20g Clay Based Lightener

40g 25 & 30 Volume Developer

Processed for 40 minutes


30g 9,32 (level 9 gold with violet)

20g Gloss (clear)

50g 10 Volume Developer

Processed for 15 minutes

These fully saturated ends make my heart go pitter patter. I don't know about you guys, but I could stare at processing pictures ALL. DAY. LONG. The process is just as beautiful as the finished result sometimes, and all of the hard work that goes into it often times gets forgotten. JUST LOOK AT THIS HAIR. That is a whole lot of love and dedication painted onto her head!


I know Shayna's technique to be HIGHLY impactful and very intentional, both of which are right up my alley. Working smarter not harder behind the chair is SO important when working toward financial goals. As a suite owner or rental stylist, keeping overhead costs down is important to allow your profit margin to increase. As a commission stylist, having a rhythm and working faster is important to be able to see more guests in the day (equaling a higher paycheck) rather than spending 2 hours just applying a head of balayage.

I remixed her lightener every 15 minutes to ensure that my lightener was always fully active and operating at maximum capacity. I began at 25 volume, maintained my level of activator at my second remix, and bumped it up to 30 volume for my third and final remix. This will create a slightly faster working lightener so that the final sections applied can catch up with the first sections applied.

We processed for the full processing time of 40 minutes.

Once she was finished lifting, we cleansed twice with a nourishing shampoo made for lightened hair, applied her toner to towel dried hair, and let it process for 15 minutes. When that was complete, we cleansed again with the nourishing shampoo, conditioned with noursishing conditioner, and finished with a conditioning and shine enhancing serum, a pH balancing mist, and a hydrating mousse. Her hair was just a dream.


She was grinning ear to ear. As a high school student, I think it goes without saying that there is a lot of emphasis on physical appearances, now more than ever before. She did NOT need my help in the gorgeous department, but dear LAWD having hair like this on your head cannot hurt anything!!!

Go check out my girl Shayna's blueprint your balayage video to get a visual education experience of exactly what I did to achieve this color!



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